History and Mission

Mission Statement

Camden Center for Youth Development, Inc. (CCYD) is dedicated to embracing and using the assets of young people to meet their needs and successfully address the complex work they must do to transform their communities and neighborhoods.  CCYD will achieve this mission by providing young people with youth leadership development, tutoring, job/vocational skills development, college preparation and by providing emotional, social, spiritual, physical and cultural proficiencies.


We believe that children should be given the support, resources, skills and opportunities to learn, develop and be prepared for the future by building on their strengths.

We recognize the connection between risk and protective factors to which children and youth are exposed and this connectedness to their success in accomplishing their goals and tasks they face.

CCYD is committed to engaging young people their families, key leaders, funders and all stakeholders to understand, embrace and promote youth development concepts, principles and practices that are results-based so that young people , especially in urban cities, will have the opportunity to succeed and be great with healthy beliefs and standards.

History of the Camden Center for Youth Development

Founded in 1978, the Camden Center for Youth Development, Inc. (CCYD), formerly the Juvenile Resource Center, Inc. (JRC) is a private, not-for-profit, community based organization located in Camden, New Jersey’s Downtown Educational Corridor.  CCYD is funded by various public and private entities.

CCYD is dedicated and committed to increasing the life chances of youth by engaging young people, their families, funding organizations, key leaders, and all stakeholders in understanding and promoting youth development concepts and practices.

CCYD offers a fully-articulated program of services for youth, which include, but are not limited to: youth leadership development, academic support, vocational skills development, emotional, physical, spiritual proficiencies, and career/college readiness programs.

Youth in our after school programs are given the opportunity to participate in a five-week summer component designed to provide paid internships; students develop job readiness skills, career exploration, and gain valuable job experience.