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Creating Healthy Attitudes for Teens

The C.H.A.T. program is a gender specific positive youth development program serving at-risk Camden County 7th and 8th graders who are currently displaying negative behaviors.  Participants are referred to this in-school program by in school personnel, including principals, teachers, and guidance counselors.  The program is designed to provide a safe place for females to express themselves and explore who they are as individuals and in relationship to others.  The program focuses on improving their behavior in school, helping them develop positive relationships, promoting the development of pro-social skills, encouraging youth leadership development, and promoting conflict resolution skills.

Services Provided

Participants in the C.H.A.T. program will be provided services and workshops in the following areas:

Anger Management

Conflict Relationship Skills

Coping Skills

Dealing with Cyberbullying

Healthy Relationships

Leadership Development

Personal Development

Positive Decision Making Skills

Pro-Social Skills

Relational Aggression